Squiggle Brush


 Town of Stratford Art & recreation programs

News updates:

July: Happy Canada Day!

Youth programs: 

Drop in session Stratford library @ 1:00pm July 31.

Vegetable print painting – all ages welcome for some summer fun!

Adult art :

Art Centre Drop In. Next open July 17th.

Farmer’s Market on July 25th.

New pricing policy in effect – all items will be on sale for under $60!

If you would like to sell your artwork in the market, please drop it off at the Art Centre the Friday before between 9:30 – 12:00.

10% of all sales, will go to the Art Club for future projects.

Summer Art Journal:

July Challenge: Outside scene!  Pick any landscape you like – beach, urban, country.. have fun!

Will post results at end of the month

If you need more information drop me an email kate@squigglebrush.com

Have a wonderful day!

2 thoughts on “Squiggle Brush

  1. Hey, just wondering how much you would charge for an hour or two, to come into our centre and help with an art day?


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