Squiggle Brush





 Town of Stratford Art & recreation programs


News Update: Adult Art

Flyer Art Club

ART CLUB meet each Thursday from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Art Centre (old Library building) 57 Bunbury Road.
For more information please call the Town at 902-569-1995 or email tcraig@townofstratford.ca


Stratford Library:

Preschool –  Tuesdays,  10:00 – 10:4 ages 2 – 4 years ( or anyone old enough to hold a paintbrush!)

Art Centre:


Art 1 – Saturdays,  9:00-10:00  ages 6-8 years


Art 2 – Saturdays , 1:00-2:00  ages 9-12 years (Full).


Terms:   Fall – 9 weeks, beginning Oct 11th

Cost:  $100. materials included.


Max spots available 11…  sign up now to ensure yours!



Spring Term Board: World of Art  2014- 6 – 9 years sessions


final board


From time to time we have news of upcoming workshops so check here or our Facebook page for more information.





This is our display board from the Winter 2013, lots of fun projects with a wide range of materials.

term board

If you need more information drop me an email kate@squigglebrush.com

Have a wonderful day!

2 thoughts on “Squiggle Brush

  1. Hey, just wondering how much you would charge for an hour or two, to come into our centre and help with an art day?


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